Weekly psychotherapy available to Californians by video or phone. 


Couples and families may deeply love each other, but have difficulty communicating and getting their needs met. Everyone has the right to feel safe, be themselves, and to feel love. Therapy with me helps them to mindfully notice their needs and to effectively reach out in secure, creative, and compelling ways.

 For individuals, therapy may help you to explore difficult shadows, offer paths to deepen presence, and assist you with new tools and greater resiliency.

 Sessions may include mindful, body based visualizations, embodied practices, Tarot cards, Astrological contexts, existential considerations, and homework to consider outside of session.

Individual session: $150/session 
Couple/family session: $175/session

A free 20 minute consultation is available to see if we are a fit. 
Please contact me to schedule yours. 


Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #122701 

at the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy 

Supervised by Marenka Cerny MFT #49924

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Photo by Eddie Hernandez