Weekly psychotherapy available to Californians by video or phone. 

Come home to yourself 
with somatic psychotherapy


Do you struggle with a disconnection between your ideas, emotions, and behaviors?

Is your communication style limiting your professional success and relationships? 

Are you longing to feel more connected, grounded, or whole?

“I realize that if I wait until I am no longer afraid to act, write, speak, be, I’ll be sending messages on a Ouija board, cryptic complaints from the other side.” 

Audre Lorde 

It doesn't have to be this way.

What to expect:

I'll assist you to mindfully notice your body's impulses, intuitions, and wisdom to help unwind habits and patterns that no longer serve you well.

Your entire self including your spirit, traumas, joys, resiliency, and ancestors are welcomed.

I have lived experience

with queer, artist, spiritual, kink, and mental health survivors’ communities. I aim to support your unique autonomous decisions while exploring new nourishing options. 

Many of us live in racist, heterosexist, fascist, crumbling empires and we all are in need of healing. 

Therapy is one way to honor our individual and collective need for this healing.

Contact me today to have a free 20 minute consultation.


Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #122701 

at the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy 

Supervised by Marenka Cerny MFT #49924

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Photo by Eddie Hernandez